Application crashes using graphviz on Windwos x64


Our application uses Graphviz for graph layout.
As I didn't find Graphviz 64 bit binaries for Windows, I tried build them with Graphviz 2.38.0 source package and Visual Studio 2015
I used gtk+ x64 bit package to build graphviz but unfortunately some required dpendencies are missing so I cannot build smyma, gvedit, gvplugin_gdiplus, ccomps
Except the 4 libs all the others libs are built with success
Our application need cdt.lib, cgraph.lib and gvc.lib to be built, and it compiles with success.
But our application crashes and runtime while trying to use graphviz. Unfortunately there's no message so I don't know what's going wrong.
Have anyone experienced something similar?
Where can I find graphviz 64 bit binaries for Windows?
Or gtk+ x64 bit binaries that contains all the required dependencies to rebuild graphviz?

In advance thanks,

Share x64 Windows Binaries

Could someone please share their x64 Windows binaries and libraries ? I have tried to compile graphviz for two days now following the instructions provided on this forum to no avail.

I wouldn't worry about smyrna

I wouldn't worry about smyrna and gvplugin_gdiplus. For gvedit, you need Qt installed. I have no idea why ccomps would not build, as it a vanilla program not much different from any of the others in cmd/tools. It is possible something is missing from its project file. If you run VS in debug mode, can you tell where it is crashing?

Did you see the suggestions at ? Basically, for the WIndows build, it should be sufficient to use GTK, though also using GTS is recommended. We no longer have access to a Windows machine, so we would love it if someone could provide both 32 and 64 bit builds. 

Hi, Sorry, I was a little


Sorry, I was a little bit busy lately.
I put on github all the visual studio solutions for graphviz and 3rd party libs and binaries.

This is a quick and dirty patch because there're dupplicated code as I don't know the right place to put the code.
Recently I read about memory allocation for x64 on Windows article on the web using _aligned_malloc, I haven't try
these functions, maybe this can be working and thus avoid us to write our own memory allocation.

To build Graphviz, first build the needed 3rd party libs( libann, libexpat,...) and put them in c:\graphviz-ms\bin


Hello It seems the crash is


It seems the crash is due to ltdl.dll
I did rebuild it and everything is ok
Except the 4 libs I mentioned previously every others are built. So if anyone needs Graphviz x64 binaries for Windows just let me know



Graphviz x64 binaries for Windows

Yes, please we would like to get the project files (probably the whole build tree)
so we can put it in a CI build system like Appveyor.  Is that possible? Thank you
for the work you did on this.

Stephen North

Sure, tell me how can I

Sure, tell me how can I upload files or give me an email address that I can send them to you




Is it possible

to upload binaries right to 



Yes, please

Is it possible to upload it to



  Michel, Can I have the



Can I have the windows 64 version too?

Please e-mail me to

Thank you. Jin.

win64 version.



Hi, Michel

I am trying to build win64 version too.

I thought I did , but it cannot load plugins.

Maybe ltdl.ll was not built correctly.

Can you share your built binaries?

My e-mail is

Thank you.


Can you build it with the

Can you build it with the drivers statically loaded?