Note: As of version 2.31, the Visual Studio package no longer alters the PATH variable or accesses the registry at all. If you wish to use the command-line interface to Graphviz or are using some other program that calls a Graphviz program, you will need to set the PATH variable yourself.

Note: As of version 2.26, the Visual Studio packages provide both the Release and Debug versions of the libraries.

Warning for Vista users: Even if you are logged in as adminstrator, double-clicking on the MSI file or running the MSI file from a command prompt may still not may not provide sufficient privileges. You have to run

  msiexec /a graphviz-x.xx.msi

from a command prompt.

Graphviz 2.30: The msi installer is again causing problems with the PATH variable. We hope to have this fixed shortly.

graphviz current stable release development snapshot
Windows graphviz-2.38.msi

If you encounter problems running or building the Windows version, submit a bug report or contact Arif Bilgin.